6th International Tehran Elevator and Escalator Fair

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The Sixth International Elevator Industry and Equipment Fair held in Tehran Exhibition Center on July 10-13, 2017 brought the participation of 211 companies exhibiting products and solutions developed for elevators and escalators.

In addition, there was a wide range of related equipment on display, including car park systems, accessibility platforms and decorative products.

Joining the 160 domestic companies were 51 international firms, representing China, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Croatia, India and South Korea. The fair was held in the Tehran Exhibition Center’s western wing, in an area of 10 halls and 14,000 m2.

The fair presented several other events, including training workshops, scientific and information conferences, specialist seminars, reunions and appreciation meetings for “movers and shakers,” and the identification of innovative and outstanding products.

Many political and governmental officials attended the meeting, including officials from the Ministry of Industry and Mining. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the presidency, the General Directorate of Trade Development and International Fairs, members of the Islamic Council, and numerous deputies, ministers and bureaucrats.

The purpose of the fair was to share the innovations in the sector and to foster cooperation between the relevant academic and educational circles and the industry. The goal was to develop and improve quality, raise safety standards, advance solutions for energy consumption, efficiency and savings, and promote the Iranian production sector and products to all participants and visitors. Sponsors also hoped to increase the level of interest of young engineers and students in this sector.

The Sixth International Elevator Industry and Equipment Fair was organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Mining, the Chamber of Elevator and Escalator Industrialists and the Union of Repairmen for Elevators and Escalators. The event saw a 30% growth compared to the last gathering, despite the recession in the construction and related sectors.

Arian Elevator Factory Visit

On the first day of the fair, Arian Elevator Chief Technical Officer Amir Bahram Daraei invited Bülent Yılmaz, ELEVATOR WORLD MIDDLE EAST Regional Director, to the company’s production facilities. The factory area, located about 60 km south of Tehran, is has a covered production floor of 10,000 m2. In this modern facility, 120 people work on the factory floor with an annual capacity of 40,000 panels, and another 235 people work in other departments. Founded in 1991, Arian Elevator has a 50-m test tower where modern geared and gearless machines are tested. Above the test tower, a VIP lounge offers a beautiful view to visitors.

That evening, Daraei welcomed guests at Tehran’s historic Ali Ghapoo restaurant, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy some of Iran’s renowned cuisine accompanied by traditional Iranian music. 🌐