LIFTECH Expo draws 85 companies for successful fifth iteration

2018 - Q2 Print

With its expanding population, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is poised for growth in the construction sector, a fact not lost on the 85 elevator companies that participated in the fifth LIFTECH Expo, held on February 1-3, 2018, at the Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center.

The Cairo area is home to the only remaining example of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Egyptian capital is a favorite tourism site, drawing visitors interested in its historical past and mystical structures. The city has also become a popular meeting place for the elevator and escalator industry, thanks to the LIFTECH Expo, which meets in Cairo every other year.


s the fifth fair, organized by Lead Trade Fairs (LTF), opened its doors, Egyptian dignitaries, including General Ahmed Hamed, deputy minister for Military Production; Mohamed El Menshawi, chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries; and many senior bureaucrats and representatives visited exhibitors’ stands, conveying wishes for all participants’ success.

n total, 85 companies from eight countries participated in this year’s fair. Company distributions by country were: Egypt, 41; Turkey, 24; China, 12; Germany, 4; and one each from Italy, Russia, Switzerland and the U.S. The fair took place in Halls 4 and 5, with entrances and exits set up so that a visitor who entered the fair through Hall 5 could visit all its stands, then enter directly into Hall 4, visit all its stands and arrive at the main fair area. This convenient setup allowed visitors to see all participating companies.

eflecting on the event, LTF Marketing Manager Amir Shokry told ELEVATOR WORLD Middle East:

I think that the LIFTECH Expo, in this fifth round, was a great success and gained a new, important position, not only for Egypt, but across the region. This success comes from the fact that all the professionals, associations and governments across the MENA region see the LIFTECH Expo as interesting, because it presents them with an exclusive platform for discussing and getting the latest news and technologies of the market and the industry. Also, it is the main platform for the leading national companies and international groups and manufacturers who already have huge business in the region and are looking to expand.

The huge and actual progress we are working on now at the LIFTECH Expo and in Egypt is needed to move this industry to a better place and to make a positive change in the market. It brings real spirit and discussion among the government professionals and leading companies on how we can improve the industry and the rules and regulations that manage the industry in Egypt, as well as discussion on ways to improve technicians’ knowledge and training, and to work more on safety rules and to make updates to the Egyptian code.”

roduct presenters included local companies, mostly distributors, plus button, swing-door and control-panel manufacturers. As the second-largest country delegation, Turkish companies presented their newest products, including automated floor and cabin doors, control panels, floor and cabin trays, elevator engines, safety components and, notably, model elevator solutions.

n the second day of the fair, LTF treated participants to a gala dinner. Participants were given the opportunity to enjoy outstanding views of Cairo aboard a Nile River boat tour and taste the unique Egyptian cuisine as they were entertained with local music and dances.

W Middle East, which debuted at LIFTECH Expo 2016, served as the main media sponsor of this year’s fair and was distributed to visitors at the entrance.

ooking ahead, Shokry expressed confidence that the event will realize increasing prominence:

I think LIFTECH Expo Cairo 2020 will bring a great round of educational meetings and conferences, and will be a more useful platform for the vertical-transportation industry in the MENA region. Special thanks for this successful event is offered to all our partners from all over the world, our exhibitors and everyone who believes that we are looking for better, positive change in this industry.” 🌐