Iran Seminar a Showcase for Global VT Perspectives

2018 - Q1 by Dr. Mohammad Masoud Majidifar طباعة

Numerous papers are presented at February event in Tehran.

Global perspectives on the vertical-transportation (VT) industry were presented for a gathering of academics and industrialists at the Eighth International Seminar on Elevators and Escalators in Tehran, Iran, on February 18. The seminar, held through the combined efforts of the University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran and Iran’s elevator and escalator companies, took place at the Koosha Center of Applied Science and Technology. In attendance were Dr. Faramarz Akrami, manager of the University of Applied Science and Technology (Tehran Branch), Eng. Yadollah Sadeqi, manager of the Industry, Mines and Trade Organization in Tehran, and a group of experts, professors, industrialists and foreign guests.

The event opened at 8:30 a.m. with the reading of the Quran and playing of the Iranian national anthem, after which Eng.

Boroujerdi, deputy secretary of the seminar, declared:

“The Eighth International Seminar on Elevators and Escalators is held with the aim of knowledge development, industry standardization and premier technology and innovations transfer in the various fields of elevators and escalators through the presentation of articles and new conclusions by the foreign experts, professors, students and elevator and escalator experts for the related industries incubator [at Koosha] and with the cooperation of the University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran and Iran’s syndicate of elevator and escalator industries.

“This seminar has provided an exceptional opportunity in the VT industry for academic staff, elevator and escalator experts, industrial companies’ managing directors, technical managers, technicians and civil engineers in order to be aware of the industry practices and the latest achievements.”

He noted that among the submitted articles, 20 were accepted for professional panels, based on their abstracts.

Akrami took the opportunity to mention weakness in the relationship of universities and industry, emphasizing that such relationships play an important role in countries’ development.

Sadeqi continued on that topic, mentioning the relationship between industrial development and research.

Hossein Babayan, manager of vocational training in Tehran, noted the role of expertise in solving the community’s problems. Then, Farid Kouros, manager of the syndicate of elevator and escalator companies, gave a talk on the VT industry and its relationship with universities and the Industry, Mines and Trade Organization.

Bülent Yılmaz, publisher and editor in chief of ELEVATOR WORLD Turkey and managing director of EW Middle East, spoke about the mission, content and history of these journals, familiarizing the audience with the resources these publications have to offer those working in the industry.

Lectures began after the opening ceremony. Azaad Santoe from Liftinstituut of the Netherlands presented an article about heavy- duty escalators and their importance in the transportation

industry, given their prominence in such locations as airports and rail stations. He was followed by Zeynep Cavus of the Turkish company Metroplast. She gave an introduction on the company and spoke on the history and evolution of the VT industry in Turkey.

Hossein Bakhtiarzadeh of thyssenkrupp Elevator Turkey gave a talk on overspeed governors, safety gear and the design of gearless motors in traction elevators. He said elevators must be safe, but, also, in light of climate change, efficient. He went on to explain the technical calculations, modeling and experimental tests of gearless permanent-magnet synchronous motors.

Ali Abdollahpour, vice president of the Tehran subway, gave a presentation on investigating escalator incidents in the transit system. This was followed by an unveiling ceremony, with Akrami and Kouros, of the “Best Innovation”: an Alton Elevator Co. car phone equipped with LCD touchscreen and voice box that meets the EN 81-28 standard.

After that, Mr. Hariri gave a talk on unintended-car-movement prevention, which proved to be one of the most interesting lectures.

During the seminar, Dr. Sajadi, the college dean, said, “We have 12 foreign guests, from Japan, Turkey and European countries. We are presenting the most significant articles in this area, and we also have innovative products to introduce.”

Hiroshi Yoshimoto from Fujitec introduced some of his company’s products, including the FLEX-NX Series and EZSHUTTLE traffic- and destination-control systems. This was followed by Umberto Cottini of Start Elevator Co., who gave a presentation on hydraulic elevators and the latest achievements of his company. Mr. Karbalaei then presented an article on increasing the reliability and efficiency of elevator systems through the use of multiphase engines. Next, Hossein Tavakoli presented his article on internet-based elevator remote-control systems.

Carlos Perez Rocholl from Wittur introduced his company and its products and gave a talk on gearless machines. Mr. Ebadi gave a lecture on investigating standard regulation uncertainties. Fabio Cesari from BLM Co. introduced his company and gave a talk on procrastination, followed by Mohammad Arjmand Bigdeli, who gave a talk on ethics in industry.

After the presentations, letters of commendation were bestowed upon all foreign guests, participating elevator companies, industry experts, Koosha College professors and those who presented the best articles. The awards distribution was presented by Yaran Automatic.

Organizers expressed appreciation for the cooperation of all industrialists and executive staff, especially that of Mr. Naseri and Mr.

Balouch from Nikan Co., and Kouros from Sigma Co., for their collaboration in international relations. Hariri was thanked for his cooperation in college relations with industry experts.

All participants were invited to take part in the Ninth International Seminar on Elevators and Escalators, which will be on February 21, 2019, at the Koosha Center of Applied Science and Technology in Tehran.

Dr. Mohammad Masoud Majidifar is an instructor at the University of Science and Culture, the University of Applied Science and Technology and the University of Tehran Language Center