Iranian Market at a Glance

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The 40th Construction Fair Turkeybuild Istanbul was a touchstone for the construction sector, presenting events on 40 different subjects, world-famous speakers, awards and the display of innovative materials. It was held in the Tuyap Fair and Congress Center on May 23-27, 2017.

Iran, located in Southwest Asia, has a one-million-year history, a total area of 1,648,195 km2 and a population of 80 million. Iran is a four-season country, and on a single date, it is possible to experience all four seasons in different regions of the country. Some Iranian cities are historical and have a background of a long history. The most important cities that have international fame are Isfahan, Shiraz, Hamadan and others.

Famous scientists and poets have lived in Iran and have offered many things to the country, such as the works of Avicenna, Hafiz and Saadi.

The industry sector in Iran was progressing very fast, but the Iran-Iraq war lowered its pace. There are many companies in Iran, such as Iran Khodro, that have a long history of production.

Different products are exported from Iran to other countries; among which we can refer to are saffron, pistachio, handcrafts, carpet, etc.

In every country, the construction sector is one of the main industries and during the last five years, this sector has been facing big challenges because of political and economic changes in Iran.

Elevator and related industries also dealt with these changes, and nowadays experience depression. Every year, its area of activity is limited more and more. Numerical evaluation of the market is not easy, but according to the published statistics from authorities and considering the opinions of the famous producers, the number of produced elevators was around 60,000 in 2011, but descended to 35,000 in the last year. It is predicted that in the current year, it will be about 30,000. Moreover, it is estimated that in the next two years, the depression will come to an end and the ascending rate will start.

There are many active producers in the elevator sector in Iran. There are more than 200 electrical panels and more than three gearbox engine-producing companies. Many other famous companies attempt to produce gearbox engines.

There are some other active companies that produce other parts, such as governors, parachutes, locks, sensors and magnet switches, among others.

The presence of active producers and the high knowledge of production have led the users to have a higher expectation in comparison to neighbor countries. Thus, competition for offering high-quality products is high.

The national standard and authority in Iran is EN 81. It is drawn up by an experienced team, and consulted with EN 81 members. These standards are updated every year, and elevators are inspected according to those standards.

There are two active universities for elevators in which students can obtain a bachelor’s degree. In the meantime, some institutions and technical and vocational institutes educate experts in all elevator-related sectors.

Like in other countries, some specialized journals are published that introduce new services and products by publishing scientific papers that expand the scientific information of the sector. There is a specialized elevator fair in Tehran every year, held in July. There are other specialized fairs in big cities, and some elevator-sector companies attend construction fairs to present their products.

For 20 years, the elevator-sector guild union has been managed by old and experienced members. Other centers, such as associations of elevator and escalator manufacturers, support the producers and have taken measures for standardization. Other centers, such as union and the association of elevator and escalator parts sellers, are active, as well.

The elevator sector in Iran is about 80 years old, and today, more than 300,000 elevators operate in Iran.