Turkish Elevator Manufacturer Omsan Continues to Grow Worldwide

2018 - Q2 Print

Company offers a range of verticaltransportation solutions.

Omsan Co., a sister company of OM Elektrik (established in 1948) in Istanbul, Turkey, has been supplying elevator components and complete elevator systems since 1975. OM Elektrik was engaged in its ongoing electrical works when the founder, Mr. Rıza Çukurova, and his partner, seeing a need for a local elevator brand, began to assemble elevator components in a service center and finalize installations. Omsan’s 70 years of market recognition, experience and references helped to increase the demand, which led to constant growth in capacity and workforce. In 1999, a 7,500- m2 factory was opened, which enabled a controlpanel assembly line, cabin, frame, suspension, counterweight frame, brackets and steel works production. With more than 200 employees, the plant produces more than 1,000 lifts per year. The ISO 9001-certified company exports to more than 40 countries and is known for its standard and tailor-made solutions for elevator needs.

The company invests in R&D according to market needs for new and up-to-date solutions. One of the latest products is the FLEX MRL, a complete machine-room-less elevator with capacities of 320-2500 kg, speed choices of 1.0, 1.6 or 1.75 mps, tailor-made for new or existing shafts and offered with a range of cabin and door solutions. Offering space and energy efficiency, the FLEX MRL is a green and modular system with low noise and maximum capacity. With its in-house, 550-m2 painting line, Omsan can provide specially designed or standard cabins. The company conducts traffic analysis to determine the optimum number of elevators per project and best solutions for capacity and speed. The design stages are where the real savings are accomplished.

Depending on the need, Omsan can offer machine-room elevators that travel up to 2.5 mps for high-rise buildings. The company also produces hydraulic solutions for small pits and overheads, limited spaces and car lifts. Dumbwaiters and accessibility platforms are available within general requirement ranges.

Omsan also provides escalators and moving walks, both commercial and heavy duty, and indoors and outdoors. The company offers technical and commercial support, from the design stage until the lift is up and running. Up-to-date technology means CE-certified products in compliance with EN 81-20 and 115-1 2008 + A1 2010, as well as worldwide standards.

Through sister company Omak Lift, one of the main players in the Turkish elevator market, competing with the multinational companies, not only providing the elevators, escalators, moving walks and platforms, but also performing a significant number of installations and maintenance. With this resource, Omsan knows what its customers are facing when they receive the material at their site. Its “installation-friendly” preparation of the boxes of materials before shipment saves a significant amount of time and prevents material damage during site operations.

Past projects include infrastructure work (metro stations, stadiums, highway overpasses, etc.), residential buildings, hospitals, offices, schools, shopping centers and industrial buildings.

Omsan’s mission is to continue to develop new technologies and solutions, assist and improve the industry as a whole, achieve better solutions and foster the professional development of its employees by investing in training and education.

Erdem Bayraktar is Omsan’s manager of imports/exports and major projects. He is an electronics engineer and holds an MBA in marketing. He has more than 10 years’ experience in the vertical-transportation industry, having previously worked at thyssenkrupp, Otis and Ametal.